It’s getting on for 8 years, since I with my co-founder, and who is our engineering manager, László Ács, decided to establish a kind of engineer office, which in the XXI. century still save the classical engineering traditions while combining it with modern knowledge and expectations. 

Here and now, in the midst of global crisis, our more serious function is to see through a wider range of the work of an engineer, to play an intellectual role in an open, social challenge.

Give 40% humaneness and the same amount of creativity to the expertise.

 To the best of my belief, the most successful answer of the challenges of our postindustrial age is given by the creative person and the creative society. In case of sudden challenges it is not enough to merely know all the answers, the success demands more:  the improver energy which supports a great leap forward. This is, in our days, acutely true, when the continuously and incessant changing, and the competitions pervades at all walks of life.

During the technological changes of the modern age the human self-determination, experiences and the creative use of the knowledge based on the observations becomes relevant. When solving complex problems the importance of observations get from life increases. To get them a great capacity, alternative thoughts, interest in different answers and the ambition of comprehension are needed.

The purpose of using our accumulated knowledge, experiences and our improver energy is the product, the formation of the product. Our point of origin is the terminus: the formation of our technology into a working system.   

Contentment is a significant question in our engineering works. This means, our clients and the users, moreover the entire society would be satisfied with the engineering achievements. Nevertheless, thrift and to be profitable are only one element of the above mentioned, although these are absolutely significant elements. The quality of the achievements is a more complex problem. It requires engineering thinking, which is based on the scientific thinking, works by the principle of causality, and motivates for the way to look for the reason, the root cause of phenomena. It means to see through problems, to recognize the connections, this involves the capacity to be able to divide the essential motives from that which play second fiddle, while we define the priorities.  

The efficiency of our principles and our own expectations for us is justified by those more than 200 projects which have been given during this 8 years. We design such systems which results in a faster and in a more efficient production, makes the processes clear and by this the tasks of the operator become simpler.  

Our point of origin is the terminus – and past over it: because we know, the technology’s giddy-paced development will require alterations in a short time, therefore in all of our systems the possibility of expansion is designed. This ensures to our clients the profitable and the time saving solutions, the way how to reduce the production-spilling.

The efficiency of our achieved works and the trust of our clients make us strong in that our aims and our value which were formulated at the establishment of Vescot Ltd are still relevant. The knowledge - which is built up on the engineering traditions, and which is developed continuously – becomes in us a constructive activity fighting for mental values, which mobilize the intelligence, inventiveness and in many cases the intrepidity.

Mrs. Veronika Tóth


Corporate Social Responsibility of Vescot Ltd

Vesc-Art Management was founded by Vescot Ltd in 2012. Our team at Vescot believe that having a stable and secure position on the market also means that our responsibilities towards the community grow.

Being engineers creativity is a crucial part of our everyday work. Creativity of an engineer is based on scientific thinking and motivates us to look for the root cause of all phenomena. Meaning the understanding of the task, recognizing the relationships between them and separating the useful information from the useless. The continuously improved knowledge is transformed into creative activity aiming to create intellectual values which moves ingenuity, intelligence and in many cases boldness. We have no intention to compare the work of an engineer to the work of an artist, however, we find some things in common.We have always considered highly important to support education, and we also see how young graduates struggle to start their career. This is especially true for artists. Therefore we decided that we are going to support young, graduate artists from the first step of their career.

Our first exhibition

At the end of 2012 we invited proposals from young artists to reflect upon the fantastic movie, Fellini: 8 and a half. Spring, 2013 we exhibited the winner artworks celebrating the 8 and a half birthday of Vescot.

 Each year has a different theme.

 2015 is the International Year of Light. Vescot decided to join to this initiative, so we called proposals with the theme ‘LIGHT’. The first exhibition opened on 26th March, at the well-known boat A38 celebrating the foundation of Vescot.


A B S E N C E is the title of the exhibition realized in 2016. We invited proposals with the theme of Extreme Engineering from an abstract perspective. The curated artworks are sole and unique pieces but we have discovered one common element in all - the Absence of something therefore we chose this title for the exhibition.

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